Hello and good morning from the 2nd arrondissement of Paris! Located on the right bank of La Seine. This neighborhood seems a tad removed from the real hubub of Paris but it still charms, buzzes (maybe hums?) and offers much to be absorbed. 2eme houses the city's banking headquarters, a textile district and the Opera Comique concert hall as well as what I have experienced so far just on day one, that is: cobblestone streets lined with little shops (cheese, wine, flowers, pastries... heart is beating.. thump thump thump) plus a tiny French-Gothic apartment that is just a 15 minute walk to Musée du Louvre! 25 if you stop to get a dirty chai.

This airbnb is home until I switch over to another airbnb which is on the right bank as well (just a short walk that will have me cross over Jardin Nelson Mandela) but more importantly, it will have me situated right around the corner from Costa Coffee. Leave it to an American to go to Paris and feel "Mon amour pour toi est aussi grand que le monde" and be wholly excited for a British coffee chain. Well before sharing what brings me here, let me just tell you that Costa has one of the best chai lattes I have ever had. I promise to smarten up within a few days and not keep myself from caffeinating while working at some of the city's most classic Patisseries. Take yesterday, for instance, I walked by this amazing little spot called Le Pain Quotidien I imagine will become a regular haunt. I kid! I kid! Too early for bad jokes? OK, well It is for me. It is 5AM here and I'm not sure if it's the time difference or the excitement to explore or the yearn (not burn) to start writing again but I am wide awake and Waking Up in Paris.

This Holiday, I decided that I would take time away from working in the beauty industry to pursue working as an independent marketing consultant and do more writing until I find the next big bang of my career. I'll be finishing the final production of my book on how to pay off student loan debt while doing some travel throughout Paris, Bali then, finally, the Philippines where I will visit my college roommate. Talk about coming full circle. It has been nearly 10 years since we were studying together in LA. Her, in fashion and me in beauty. Since then, my own personal definition of the word “beauty” has greatly expanded. It includes much more and, professionally speaking, it is now defined as doing as much work as possible whereas there lies a great love inside me for it because this is where I produce my best work and, as I have learned the hard way, when I am not in tune with my creativity, I can forget what's important and get very lost. It already feels scary to gamble and put myself in the position of making the ultimate decisions that will guide how I will choose and allocate projects... and time, which is most valued. You know, I think, what if they all come at once? Or what if they don't come at all? What if what I write is a waste of time? But in recent years, thankfully, I have learned to start trusting myself more. So first things first, I am waking up here in one of my favorite cities of the word and getting started on some creative projects. In addition, I am exploring thoughts, districts, music and conversations I have never had before and I feel very lucky and grateful to have the great privilege and luck to do so. I'm going to keep record of things that are happening -here- because it's tool to keep me organized and it allows me to release everything that happened (moments + memories) which I am sure I will want to recall at another time.

Paris: mon amour pour toi est aussi grand que le monde,


Happy Valentine’s Day from one of the most romantic cities in the world. The fancy of that notion absolutely terrified us. In fact, even as best friends, we didn’t share with another that we had reservations visiting Paris (a city as ornate as a Valentine) together until we arrived. To be honest, it seemed exclusive for romantic love only… sort of like the Hallmark holiday and we both already had personal associations with the geography.

Alissa and I have been friends for over 11 years. We met on the first day of design school when she was smoking a cigarette outside in the garden. Fast forward nearly a decade and nothing and everything has changed. Nothing: She loves that she can smoke everywhere in Paris. We still have much in common and love each other very much. Everything: We both have changed in the past few years by recognizing (as individuals) two key flaws and worked to the best of our ability to make improvements in those areas. Our worlds have expanded because the intention that has been allocated there so we came to Paris to celebrate our unique milestones as well as Alissa’s 30th Birthday.

You hear about older married couples falling in love all over again in Paris or lovers being united and, at the risk of sounding gushy, that’s sort of what happened to us as best friends. We got to fall in love with another all over again with 0 expectation of what this travel would do to our bond because (perhaps selfishly) we were only thinking at the time of booking, “IIIIIII need this vacation”. We all do.

One of the “vacation thoughts” I couldn’t help but recognize is how we disproportionately celebrate love with our romantic partners relative to the other important relationships in our lives. It didn’t take us long into our trip to decide the red and pink holiday was appropriate for us but it has taken a very, very, very long time to understand some fundamental things we discussed on our Vday date that we think make a relationship, be it with a partner, lover, companion of friend, a solid one that consistently allows the other to become a better version of themself. They are below and worth sharing to release the memory of this week, which we are loving.

1. When you don’t look to satiate something missing from yourself in the other. Having a creative outlet will save you from making this mistake.

2.  When we react negatively to the other perceiving things/elements/feelings/shared LOVE in a way that is different than we do but science proves the likelihood of this is extremely high so you have to be careful with the expectations you put on people and allow them to feel how they feel. We loved learning this over coffee watching “Is your RED the same as my RED” on youtube.

3. When “game recognize game”. It simply means what we practice in yoga… I see the the light/love/greatness and talent in you that I see in myself and I will be careful with you and appreciate you. I will be there. Game! ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Jenna & Alissa

Who is James Shane? He is a man that wants to be James. How do we know that? One of the questions we’ve been asking new friends we meet in Paris is, “Which movie character would you like to be?” and “Who is your favorite movie character?”. Rarely are the answers mutually exclusive. It’s an interesting “dinner party” question that allows you to get a deeper read on someone new and perhaps there’s an element of cheshire-cat-like trickery in it but we promise no men or women were harmed by inquiring. Alissa said her favorite was Marck Zuckerberg in the Facebook movie and mine was Alice.

Relating to American and French films has been fun. It’s such a compliment to our country that everywhere you go people truly do appreciate our stories and, like music and art, it’s enjoyable to connect with people outside of home over a shared love of creativity and character. This is just one of the ways we have made connections here in Paris. While being here, we also realized just how heavily we rely on the internet for connections -in general- with our family and friends, and certain apps and even to connect with ourselves through self expression. We realized the enormity of that reliance while experiencing a gap in communication with wifi access. To be honest, with the heightened security here following recent tragedies in Paris, it made us a little nervous. We did some googling with our US cell data to see if we could  get to the bottom of why our hotel's internet had completely shut down due to security reasons to no avail but we did learn about recent Paris court ruling against Facebook in the French nudity case over the censorship of one professor’s sharing Gustave Courbet’s 1866 painting “The Origin of the World”, which depicts lady parts… I became riveted with the news story because such jurisprudence involves two things I have interest in: art and freedom of speech. Interestingly, after movie characters, the second most popular topic with new friends was freedoms we have in US and and the EU compared to other countries and how the internet is able to proliferate various points of views at such a rapid rate because our platforms are established to support that. A lot of people bitch about what they see in their newsfeed on facebook but this technology is such a major part of life that I appreciate.

One thing Facebook has in common with International travel is that, if used properly, it allows us to look out our culture and politics from a micro and macro perspective and it also facilitates connections with people we might not have made without it. Many of the things that entertain, educate and bring us enjoyment in life: really chill music, freedom of speech, politics, film, viral videos, art, food reviews (and so much more) were shared with the same enthusiasm we recognize in ourselves by new friends we met… and that was, well, awesome. We leave Paris renewed with a sincere appreciation for the access to travel, wifi (wee-fee), this way of life and questions, like, “How can young people adapt by means of education to have the openness and intelligence that will enable rich connections in the increasingly more global human experience we’re all sharing?” thanks to our new friends because we all agreed, we’d like more experiences like these ones.

The last slice of Paris.

There are only 20 minutes left in Paris before catching my flight to Doha where I have a layover before departing for the 2nd destination. There are 3 on this adventure and Paris has come to a close and I actually have time to sit with a couple macarons (raspberry & chocolate) and think about the last slice of Paris. It’s amazing that I made it to the airport. Early! I even saved 50 Euro taking public transit but I can’t take any credit here. I owe this plus more to Daniel so here is my official goodbye to Paris (although I’ll be back later to fill in some gaps) as well as the unofficial -and solicited(!)- review of Daniel. Not sure if he was serious about my inclusion of him but it would be impossible not to mention because I don’t want to forget how big of a piece of Paris he was and… how unexpectedly special. And if mention bothers him, I can always change his name to something obscure… like… Sylvester.

I was super-lucky to meet Daniel with Alissa in Montorgueil and see much of the city through his eyes. We said “Yes” to his invitation to go to a restaurant opening with him and a group of friends on our first Saturday in Paris. It’s worth mentioning here that his eyes also happen to be a key source of his sense of humor because he’s got great observational comedy, which happens to be one of my favorite kinds. He’s a keen observer which also lends to his original and entertaining ability to discover, describe and share his surroundings. Below are a list of a handful of the places enjoyed during my last piece of Paris in no particular order due to the dyslexia, his and mine.

Bar Aux Deux Amis

His little slice of true Bohemian Paris. I walked around the neighborhood a little before meeting for a glass of wine and some tapas. Cool place in a cool neighborhood. I loved the look of many of the other little bars and cheese shops nearby as well as the  French Pharmacy where I picked up a new Bourjous mascara (amazing for 10 euro) moments before and applied like 6 coats because, you know, I wanted to look cute.

Libre Ere

We only spent a moment in this bookstore but it made such an impression on me because it’s a little emerald on Boulevard de Ménilmontant. Here’s how to get more people to read: build quaint, colorful bookstores like this gem all over the world. I consider Amazon Prime just as vital as my liver in my life but I would seriously change my reading and online shopping habits if I lived near a place like this. So beautiful!

The Parisian Flea Market

This is the one area where I didn’t really need an unofficial tour guide because I bookmarked a bunch of blogs, including an extensive one by David Leibovitz, of where to go, which to see and what to buy but Daniel allowed me to see it without clutching my iPhone to my face to find my way. He navigated and we looked at antiques, vintage sweaters, old arcade games… then I found “the piece”. A new habit I am trying to cultivate in my pursuit to fill my home with art is purchasing a piece whenever I have a novel adventure but I cannot purchase something for the sake of buying art alone. No, no.. it doesn’t work that way. In digging through little mountains of some of the most gorgeous prints I have ever come across, I found a vintage 1965 Chagall print from Galerie Maeght splashed with some of my favorite colors. Ironically, days before I ventured to the world-famous Gallery Maeght hoping to find something but found myself completely underwhelmed with the exhibit and selection there so I left feeling a little bummed. I didn’t realize until I got home that my print was from the very same place. Coincidence? No such thing!

Septime La Cave

Lindsey has been to this bar and its sister restaurant in the rue de Charonne neighborhood so, as you can imagine, it’s a beautiful space with a great wine selection and tapas that are simple and beautiful, like the decor. A lot of the little subtleties (flowers and fonts) reminded me of the ways Clare and I used to style PR events. We lingered for more wine when vintage Bossa Nova classics started playing, not that I would be one to identify them but maybe if I heard them again?

(Bar with Rachel. Can’t remember the name?)

The last time I visited Paris I found my beauty muses at Hotel Costes. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the women were/are there. This time in Paris it was the women serving at Bar __________(Sylvester?). They were, of course, classically beautiful and symmetric in the way French women are then they, too, have that one edgy thing that says “I enjoy my sexuality and being a woman” but, here, they were much less produced. More care free in their appearance and attitude but still incredibly beautiful. OK enough about the bartenders. The cocktail menu had interesting choices to enjoy in a busy but intimate setting and I loved that they were playing some of the best rap music that is out right now. A bit obsessed with “Hookah” by Tyga & Young Thug at the moment and I got to hear that.

Anselm Keifer Exhibit at Centre Pompideau

I have to write about the Anselm Keifer Exhibit at Centre Pompidou because I lost the souvenir Daniel got me from it at some bar.. probably after drinking a Pina Coloda (in Paris!!!)… so much for getting cultured. This is one of the most impressive contemporary art exhibits I have even been to. Titanic in its scale (massive pieces), medium (sculpture, paintings, etchings) and the tenure of its emotional range (death & resurrection, sociological reportage of Germany’s past, agrarianism). It’s a vastly intellectual show so I was intimidated by Keifer’s knowledge at times but there was still much for me to enjoy and savour on a basic level because I could recognize things I typically enjoy with art: the palette, themes of duality and invitations to look beneath the surface. Plus I was surprised to find that even I could recognize the faint familiarity in his depiction of the female genitalia to Gustave Courbet’s L’Origine du monde “The Origin of the World” because I was just reading about its involvement in the lawsuit happening with Facebook and France earlier in the week! The print I lost was a gorgeous, watercolor style print that was exactly what I have been wanting for my home: something orange for the bedroom. Well, at-least I still have the half-eaten bag of Hazelnut Easter candies he gave me before I left Paris- a souvenir for being a non-practicing Catholic.


During the week we flirted with the idea of escaping Paris to visit the countryside on a Saturday afternoon… but, let’s be real here. Is an “escape” from Paris really necessary? I liked that we saw eye to eye on that among other things. Montmartre was just 30 minutes from my apartment (which was centrally located in the heart of Paris) but it felt like another world. Then again, every place does right now. Windy cobblestone streets took us up a hill where we passed the famous grocer’s market from the movie Amelie then finally made it to the destination I had been waiting for all week, Espace Dali! Just an hour before we toured Sacre-Coeur, a Roman Catholic church located at the summit of Montmartre-the highest point in the city. I loved that from point A to point B we could explore a basilica dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the epitome of organization witnessed in its architectural design then explore surrealist themes and Freudian psychology through Dali’s work in a coiling, cavernous layout that appears purely automatic... but if you look a little closer, it’s actually very well thought out. We learned about Gala, Dali’s muse, other half and perhaps the other half of his brain- certainly the left side as descriptions told she was the brains and business behind his operation. Behind every great man… I loved the Alice in Wonderland etchings, his interpretation of her- adamant in a depiction of growth from naivete and Victorian conventions in the struggle against the confusion of the world. When exiting the winding space through the gift shop, I felt as if I literally got to walk through Dali’s brain just shortly not long after not-quite feeling like I was literally standing in the heart of Jesus. What a strange and cool afternoon!

Lucky Lucianos

On my last night in Paris, we almost ate dinner at a crowded little pizza place that played hip hop and I would have enjoyed that but it was luck that we decided to turn around and go to cozy Lucianos for two pizzas and four glasses of wine (2 white, 2 red). It felt like a Sunday in Boston- partly the familiar atmosphere and partly seeing Daniel cut into my pizza and have it occur to me that in just a short time I met someone so far outside of my comfort zone that I felt so familiar with… enough to get this close. To my food. And, sure, the realization made me a little zany in the moment… I started looking at the pie as if it was a pie chart- representational of the time left to enjoy the last supper in Paris. 80% left. 75%! only 40% remains… ok let’s save it and have it for lunch tomorrow? I started wanting (and asking ^^^) for time to slow down because I was and still am pretty sad to leave but it’s balanced by how happy and satiated I am from my time spent in Paris and the awareness and appreciation of my enjoyment and melancholy (typical) over the last slice of it. For any of my American friends actually curious to know about the pizza and where to go in Paris, you know I lived in NYC… it’s safe to go here. Enough said.

Marais- 3rd Arrondissement

Ok, maybe one more thing to say. During this particular visit, I learned about the naming conventions and vibes of the neighborhoods in Paris through independent exploration and the education from Daniel, including exposure to the brilliant(!!!) “Paris Jetaime” anthology film which is comprised of 18 short series representing the 20 arrondissements of Paris (2 didn’t make the cut) which can be found on Youtube. My favorite vignette features the 10th but I loved walking through streets of the 3rd. The neighborhood is called Le Marais. It’s where Anselm Keifer lives, actually! Perhaps the best thing about it was I went there without prerogative to see a certain shop or restaurant so we just walked around aimlessly, ate (several) falafel at L’as du Falafel and we popped into the park where we found that “Harry Potter Stone” and sat in the sun. I also stopped inside Marriage Freres and scored the most beautiful technicolor tea canisters which I will use as makeup brush cups and bobby pin holders- exceptional brand with beautiful packaging. This made me miss work… but my favorite, all time favorite!!! thing to happen to me in Paris happened in the Marais. A four-piece band started playing spontaneously on one of the cobblestone side streets and just as I thought, “Oh, that’s so perfect”… it got even more perfect. A dapper, Parisian dad with 2 of the cutest little boys (no, gentlemen) in tiny glasses passed us by with the smallest boy (5?) riding atop of his Dad’s suitcase -literally, straight chillin’- as he was led down the street looking so peaceful and without a care in the world. And I feel very *lucky to say that in that moment, I felt I could totally relate. Thanks to my guide, Jenna

A Slightly Material Girl's Guide to Living the Sweet Life in Paris

Paris hypnotizes me. With or without the low hanging clouds carrying traces of the most exotic parfums I have ever walked into, the city exudes sultry glamour from the jewel-filled windows on the Place Vendome to the tippity top of the Eiffel tower where you see the entire city sparkle and I'm breathing it all in. One of the greatest observations I have made in my recent adventures is that places, like parfums, can influence the way we live, love, learn and behave. I feel the sexy mood of Paris the way I feel the energetic charge to work my ass off that permeates New York or the way I connected to the literal translation of the motto of Costa Rica splashing in the water in San Juanillo, that is Pura Vida: essentially, it's a wonderful life, enjoy it. Everyone has their preferred mode of travel and my favorite way to see a city is to get settled in, observe and breathe it all in. Sure, there is usually a short list of a few things I'd like to see but I much prefer to try a city on and see where it takes me and here in Paris, now that I am traveling alone and feeling more settled in my apartment on Rue de Lombards, I am creating my very own version of Paris (that's quintessentially feminine) while delighting in the essence of the material traces of the city's romantic past. It's true, I enjoy being a slightly material and girly girl (Love to! Love the bag, love the shoes, love everything. Love to! ) and even though I'm being particularly prudent with my money these days having been on a student loan debt diet for so long, that doesn't mean I can't go have a feast for the eyes because I have always had an affinity for beautiful things. So here is my slightly material girls' guide to enjoying one day in Paris filled with shopping, parfum, sweets, flowers, jewels and more. Should you ever find yourself strolling the streets of Paris alone, consider yourself very lucky, because -yes- Paris is for lovers but it can also be a place to indulge in all the things that you love independently and that's exactly what I did.


Doses & Mimosas: Hotel Costes

Costes boasts that it gives rhythm to the whole Paris scene and that's no exaggeration. From morning to night, this is my favorite spot for a latte, mimosa, flowers, and music in that order. Costes drips in excess, it's pure decadence, with rich red velvet upholstery everywhere, posh POSH posh POSH art, bougie cocktails, a very fashion forward crowd (young and old), chandeliers dripping with genuine crystal, blood red roses, flattering lighting (hello, selfie!) gorgeous waitresses outfitted in black leather like they are straight outta True Blood's Fangtasia, and more. If you're looking for having a true tres chic Parisian experience, Costes is it. Where else? Start and end the day at Costes with a latte and mimosa at Costes then come back at night for a signature cocktail.


I'd be in $o much trouble if I lived in Paris but I'd also be well dre$$ed. The style influence is like nowhere else but you can pull off a high-low way of dressing without breaking the bank which is how I try to do it. A few special, timeless or really out there but exceptional + colorful pieces and then affordable, quality basics in creams, caramels, nude, denim and black. Here are the places I checked out in Paris with that aesthetic in mind.


My favorite Parisian brand is IRO Paris, the clothes have the utility of an everyday wear but feminine french charm seen in the extra drape in the wrap of one of their signature coats or the ruffle of a slightly see through blouse.


You had me at "The Chloe girl lives her life the way she wants...", Clare Waight Gellar. That's Chloe's creative director and since she joined the helm of the iconic French brand in 2011, my love for Chloe has skyrocketed. If you love the line like I do, seeing the flagship store is an experience. Gorgeous bags and shoes.


A French brand inspired by a trip to Marrakech, say no more. If you dream in color, Manoush will have you wondering, "Could I really wear that?" and you probably can. The pieces are extremely eclectic but wearable. While I wouldn't have a complete wardrobe from here (becau$e I couldn't) wearing one special piece from Manoush would be even more fun than visiting their store and perusing through their dreamy lookbook which now sits on my coffee table and has since inspired my next haircut!



While I was advised not to take photos inside, I still snuck in a little video. Shoot me. Ok, that's actually not funny because inside you will find a collection of taxidermied animals and insects. I know... It was a strange -but not terrible- experience to wander through the collections of stuffed lions, preserved beetles and butterflies inside, certainly more interesting and arresting than terrible. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I enjoyed it. One thing I would love to go back and do is the DIY (and I mean that in the least tacky way possible) style build your own bug frame- that's not the officiel name of course. Deyrolle sells these linen frames where you can select your choice of insects and have them arranged within a pattern inside. One impossibly chic couple was designing theirs together (yup!) to hang over the mini bar in their apartment's library (yup!). Excusez Moi? Did you two say you had a library? And you want to hang a collection of Tanzanian butterflies in it above the mini bar? Sigh... I had to leave.


This store is known for their fragrances and soaps but I loved the home goods and gift items inside like the pillow cases I got and these charming toiletry bags which came in handy throughout the duration of my trip. I guess you could call me a cosmetic bag expert because I have seen my fair share working in the industry but these are infinitely better quality and design than many of the chincy bags you see so many brands putting out. There's not enough attention to design but this store is paying attention and keeping things small, special and quality.


Speaking of cosmetics, here's another item I picked up in Le Marais while shopping (OK, that's a lie... I was  stuffing my face at L'As du Fallafel). I'm told Mariage Freres it is actually one of Paris' finest tea stores but I bought 3 fluorescent canisters to use as holders for makeup brushes and the pens on my desk. So far I have tried the tea just once and it's wonderful but am not much of a tea drinker so, for me, the real beauty of this store lies in the potential of what you can do with the recycled packaging. It's worth keeping!

Jewels: Satellite Paris

Wow, I loved Satellite so much, I went back three times for three bracelets to gift girlfriends as well as a pair of cuff earrings for moi. Everything inside twinkles with simplicity and elegance. Aside from having really unique pieces, their campaign imagery for each collection is inspiring and each person I spoke to at Satellite (including social media and management when a bracelet broke) treated me with 5 star service. This is a jewelry store I will return to for years to come thanks to the special and creative artisans that work at Satellite.

Lingerie: Oysho

No true Parisian lingerie recommendation here, though I do know there is a beautiful shop on Rue Cambon. I went to Oysho, the Spanish brand, which I believe is sister line to Zara. After realizing that I didn't pack nearly enough undergarments and socks, I headed to this store around the corner of my apartment to stock up without breaking the bank. Perhaps it's my OCD or laziness but I love the bodysuit option because you're never mismatched and it makes dressing so much easier. Plus, you feel different wearing it, that's what it's all about, and Oyshomakes great ones.

Fragrance: Guerlain:

Another must-see flagship, the Guerlain boutique in Paris is legendary and now I am unintentionally and officially a perfume snob among other beauty items like foundation and skincare. Fragrance though... I've never really been all that into it until Paris. I've been wearing the same musky fragrance I discovered on a high school trip to NYC (that was my sightseeing) and have not ventured outside until finding "Le plus beau jour de ma vie"which translates to "The best day of my life" which seems fitting because I had about 10 consecutive le plus beau jour de ma vies during my visit here. This one boasts orange blossom, white musk, pink pepper, and angelica for women who seek to make the unforgettable magic✨ of a special day last forever. 😦

Macarons: Les Marquis de Laduree

F**k Godiva! Seriously! Pardon my French but this place would actually have you angry at candies that are impostering as chocolate. That is not chocolate! Or at least you cannot consider it in the same world after a visit to one of the most exquisite chocolate stores here, Les Marquis de Laduree. I used to think I wasn't much of a Macaron person until I tried their raspberry chocolate for an afternoon walk. Then, once inside, I couldn't help but try their white chocolate strawberry bark to see if it compared to my favorite swiss chocolate by Laderach. Not as good but close. Imagine living here and going every Sunday for a coffee and piece of dark chocolate? Dream.

Champagne & Oysters: Brasserie Flottes on Rue Cambon

Let me preface this by saying I live in Cape Cod and have had my fair share of what I thought were oysters until my first visit to Flottes. There are oysters and then there are experiences where it feels like the ocean has pleasantly burst into your mouth with the most delectable flavor and texture you could ever hope to find in a bright blue metallic shell paired with a glass of champagne, of course. The oysters at Flottesare life changing, you will never be the same... and I think that's both good and bad.

Girl's Night Out: Moulin Rouge

About the oysters... I was feeling a bit sad on the first night after Alissa left. Clearly not as excited about my independence as I now am writing this post, now knowing it turned out to be an amazing time- as you can see. I was thinking about my last trip to Paris and being treated to the oysters at Flottes on a date, wondering how I would top that experience which I was determined to do... which I later realized was a very stupid thing to try and do. But I proceeded to do what any level-headed American woman in Paris woman would do, I got myself together and took myself to the same restaurant to enjoy my own company with a flight of oysters but I ended up meeting Roberto from Italy, who was eating oysters too, and we got to talking about Chanel (his textile company makes many of their fabrics) and what Karl Lagerfeld looks like without his glasses (he had pictures of them having drinks with and without glasses, and now us too, also with and without glasses) then we got to talking about Moulin Rouge.. then got a bottle of champagne... 2... Then headed to Costes.... Then to the Red Light District to see Moulin Rouge.... Then to some dive bar with sticky floors to play foosball where, finally, I topped the score. The whole night was just excessive (like Paris), but it is all good now and then (like Flottes).

More. More. More,


Jenna DaunaisTDF